The Story

I use art as a way of inspiring the exploration of other ways of existing.

I evaluate ideas that come to me concerning hidden curiosities in the
mixture between technology, philosophy, science, and the stars.

My work examines subliminal keys for the subconscious.



  • Springville Art Museum Spring Salon 2017
  • Daybreak Gallery Artist’s award 2014
  • Rawards Regional Visual Artist of the Year 2012
  • Featured Artist Utopian Revolution’s Fifth issue 2012
  • 1st Place “The District” chalk art contest 2009
  • Honorable Mention Veteran’s of Foreign Wars painting contest 2006
  • 3rd Place Great Salt Lake Bird Festival Art Contest 2000

Artist Shows

  • Park City Summer Gallery, Park City 2017
  • Alex Grey Summer Gallery, New York 2016
  • Eternal Jubilee Artist’s Showcase 2016
  • Daybreak Gallery Artist’s Showcase 2014
  • Patric Bates Gallery 2013
  • November RAW Awards Visual Artist of the Year Showcase 2012
  • September Raw Artists Showcase 2012
  • Serenity “Meet the Artist” Savannah, Georgia 2011
  • The Hive Gallery 12×12 Painting Show 2011
  • High Point Gallery Artist’s Show 2010


  • R. Rosenball Private Collector Savannah, GA