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I began as a kid using art to describe the world around me and my inner world. Those things that words can’t begin to touch. The unconscious that can only appear through a process that ignores the world around me.  As I grew up and began to deal with the every day pressures of life, I realized an even stronger need to use the art process to express my inner emotions.

One day, I was preparing for an art show and gathered all of my artwork from the past two years. I noticed similiarities and themes appeared that I hadn’t realized I was painting.

I dedicated my entire life to listening to inspiration.  Jotting down these inspirational ideas that come in dreams, moments of clarity, meditations and everyday situations of life.  Those ideas are the gold in the mine and I make sure to express them as truly and unchanged as I can within my life’s work.

Bringing these truths to the world. And altering the world view is my purpose.

This site is a combination of visual art and writing. Designed to share the inner workings of my heart and mind.

Angela Latchkey Artist Signature

If You’ve Ever Wanted to Experience Going Deeper Into Yourself,

Then You’re in the Right Place.

Art can:


  • Answer the Whats and Why’s of a Generation
  • Assist in Finding Purpose
  • Heal Yourself
  • Change the World
  • Bring Peace of Mind

Why Angela Latchkey Is Different Than Most Art Websites?


  • Most artists don’t go into depth answering the hopes, dreams, fears and needs of themselves and the world.
  • Rarely will you find an artist blogging about these deeper needs of a generation (believe me, I’ve looked.)
  • I only talk when I have something worthwhile to say.
  • My artwork and my articles are designed to get you thinking deeper about life.


1. We Need More Inspiration in the World.


If we want to create a better world, it starts from the ground up.  In every human heart.

That’s why I create artwork and articles designed to inspire a change of heart, leading to a change in community, and a change in the world at large.


2. We Need a Community to Support These Changes


Our community is simple:


  • We love and support eachother.
  • We are open to other’s views, even if they’re not our own (believe me, you’re going to hear some interesting philosophies.)
  • We’re dedicated to learning and understanding other views and ways of existing.

There are no know-it-all’s here.

We look out for eachother and support each other’s development.


Code of Conduct:


We believe the world NEEDS more people that are awakened to their purpose.

We believe the world NEEDS more people who believe they can change anything they put their mind to.  We use art as an inspiration to build our confidence and ignite world change

We believe the world NEEDS open-minded souls who are not only okay with experiencing other beliefs but do their own research to better understand themselves and their own believes.

If you agree, then join the cause


The World Needs You


To sum it all up, this is much more than an artist website showing fancy pictures.

It’s also a cause against the pains and injustices in the world.

We use love, inspiration, and our own individual purpose to inspire the world we want to create.

We each have an individual purpose.


Will you join the cause? Will you inspire a better world?


Don’t forget, the world needs more people like you.


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