We Are Made Of Stardust Graphic Art Hat

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Based on the quote by Carl Sagan “We are made of starstuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself”

When We Are Asleep 2-Part Painting

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Uplift your environment and see things from a UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE.


If you’re tired of the same old paintings on your walls, or worse: no paintings at all, then now is your chance to get some awesome, though provoking art that is designed to inspire your  mind,  change the way you think, and enhance your life for the better.


These canvases make a great gift for that deep thinking, philosopher in your life, or for anyone that enjoys quality art!


They come pre-stretched and ready to hang on high quality backing boards so you never have to worry about framing or how to hang your art again!


Now for the best part:


For the first time ever, when you buy this canvas, you will also be giving eyesight to one blind person in a third world country through the Sabin Foundation.  This means, you will literally be changing someone’s entire life. Giving them the gift of sight allows them to work again, to have a fuller quality of life, and to have opportunities they never had before.


I wanted to say thanks to all of you because your support allows me to inspire the world, one painting at a time!

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