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Angela Latchkey

Angela Latchkey is an international painter specializing in visionary surrealism art that has shown all over the world. Focusing on unordinary themes of exploration of the unconscious and visionary. Her website is designed to open people up to the subliminal ideas behind their everyday life and show them the life changing joy of art.


  • Surreal Art Lover
    16th Nov.

    This is such an amazing article. I’ve been coming back here every day to practice from the list of ways to deepen your artistic expressions. Thank you Angela!

    • Angela
      28th Nov.

      Yayy. That makes it all worth it. I’m glad you’re enjoying the tips and tricks. Anything in particular that stands out to you?

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  • Cassidy
    6th Apr.

    Amazing! So much information put into a fun and exciting article! Thank you for putting this out into the world!

  • M.A.King
    1st Jun.

    Very informative.. However I saw myself in each word… ART IS MY SALVATION!

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